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At EMM we offer the following video services:

  • Slide Show Presentations
  • Big Screens
  • Large TV Screens with a Truss for mounting
  • Making I-Movie videos for events
  • Music Videos

Slide show presentations can be shown on any monitor, video screen or TV. We can also create a slide show for you once you provide the images. Making i-Movies: Give us your images, home movies and music you want and we will create a great movie with titles and transitions.

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Big screens are available from 8×6 to 12×16 feet. We use rear projectors so you do not see a projector in the middle of the room. We mount our TV monitors on a truss with skirts and up lights. You can choose your color of up lighting and screens range from 32 inch to 60 inch.

Music Videos: We have over 5000 music videos from the 70’s to today’s music. If you have a video package you can have a slide show running and when we have a song on video that will work with the current set or your music request we will show the music video.

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We offer cutting-edge technology at all of our events.