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Bride and Groom voice overs

Bride and Groom voice overs

I recently did a wedding where the bride and groom wanted to say something special to their parents prior to the father daughter/mother son dances.

They each did a recording for their parents and I prerecorded their father daughter/ mother son songs.

At the reception, I invited the father out to the dance floor with his daughter.  As they took there places on the dance floor I started the recording.  This is the actual recording:

Later the father of bride told me that I should have warned him about the recording as he could not stop tearing up. He said what a great surprise from my daughter and that  he was honored. Many of the guests came and commented on how great the moment was.

After the father daughter dance I invited the groom and his mom to the dance floor for their mother son dance.  Once they were in place, I started the grooms recording to his mom.  This is the recording:

You could hear the mom saying thank you so much son.  It felt like there was not a dry eye in the venue.

The response from this wedding has led me to start offering voice overs for all of my clients.  My team is always looking for ways to improve weddings and events.  Thanks to our wonderful clients, we learn something new at every event.

Continue to bring us your ideas and we will make it happen.

This wedding at the Rose Center in Huntington Beach also had, gobo, up lights and a rear projection video screen.  Here are a few iphone images from this wedding and a quick video on the setup.

DSC_0054 DSC_0055 IMG_3645 IMG_3648 IMG_3666 IMG_3667

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